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Maritime Silk Road (03:40)


Tuna follow the dolphins that are chasing the sardines off the coast of Muscat. Sumnima Udas discusses how the country forged trade links with India, China, and Indonesia and visits a perfume market in Salalah. Omani traders harvest dried sap from the Boswellia tree to make Frankincense.

Port of Salalah (03:34)

A cargo ship from India offloads goods headed to Dubai, Mogadishu, and Hong Kong. Sirish witnesses the 24-hour operations from his position as a crane operator.

In Sur (02:37)

Udas describes how most dhow makers changed careers after plastic fiberglass boats flooded the market. One shipyard still produces the traditional boats with workers from Kerala.

Silk Road of the Sky (03:38)

Oman Air is planning to increase passengers and airplanes. Paul Gregorowitsch spearheads expansion plans to cities in China. The airline reflects traditional values while modernizing conservatively.

Tourism (07:42)

Muscat provides safe harbor for traders and fishermen. Udas falls into the gulf when she joins the national female sailing team at a training session and visits Diminiyat. David Graham describes Oman's strategy to increase tourists.

Credits: Oman (00:06)

Credits: Oman

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Part of the Series : The Silk Road: Past, Present, Future
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An ancient capital and an epic history of maritime trade, the Sultanate of Oman is thought to be the birthplace of fabled Sinbad the Sailor. The country's geographical location between Asia and Africa meant that Oman occupied a unique and strategic place in the Middle East. Sumnima Udas explores the port of Salalah, the recent expansion of Oman Air, and the government's desire to increase tourism rates.

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