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Future of Kazakhstan (02:31)


The new silk road focuses on innovation. Sumnima Udas discusses the building of Samarkand, Merv, and Almaty as Chinese merchants expanded trade routes. The Green Bazaar sells imported goods, meats, and clothing while musicians entertain shoppers.

Waystations Between East and West (05:40)

Talgo builds passenger cars in Astana with parts from the United States, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Nurum Zhaniyazov manages the station at Khorgos where exported freight from China is loaded onto other trains. Arman Koyambayev drives exported goods to Uzbekistan.

Yurt Structures (03:14)

Herders spend the summers in self-made yurts made from wool felt and wooden crossbeams; livestock grazes nearby. Udas tours Khan Shatyr in Astana. Seyon Aemaz inspects the polymer on the roof for pinpricks that can affect internal temperatures.

Architecture in Astana (01:41)

Buildings include the lollipop, dog bowl, and the flying saucer. Serik Rustembekov describes his role in creating Astana's landscape within the past two decades. The city will host the world expo in 2017.

Visiting Outside Almaty (02:22)

Tourists visit untouched landscapes in Kazakhstan. Vitaliy Shuptar works with eco-friendly companies to protect wildlife and the environment. Nomads graze their livestock at Turgen Gorge.

Tourism and the Economy (05:26)

Sergei Kradinov runs a rafting adventure outside Almaty. Shuptar worries about pollution. Udas teases that next episode.

Credits: Kazakhstan (00:19)

Credits: Kazakhstan

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We continue our 8,000 kilometer journey across the old silk routes, traveling west from China, across remote deserts and snow-topped mountains, to explore the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan. Sumnima Udas begns her journey at the China-Kazakhstan border exploring the countryside on a train destined for Uzbekistan. Other topics include Astana's architectural progress, the Green Bazaar in Almaty, and whitewater rafting at Turgen Gorge.

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