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Bee Sustainability Challenge (02:52)


Through pollination, bees are responsible for about one third of the global food supply. Climate change has reduced populations and honey exports in Vietnam.

Supporting Vietnam's Bee Keeping Industry (01:52)

Hanoi's Bee Research and Development Center recommends beekeepers move hives to cope with longer dry periods. Researchers study what can be used to feed bees during droughts and which species produce honey in unfavorable conditions.

Econundrum (01:17)

Pollution, exploitation, and habitat destruction are contributing to the impending sixth mass extinction. Consumers should avoid purchasing ivory or products derived from endangered species and protect oceans and rainforests.

Urban Beekeeping (03:45)

London beekeeper Dale Gibson discusses bee social behavior and communication methods and explains how cities can be advantageous for hives. Increasing available forage will improve bee sustainability.

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The next time you see a bee buzzing around, you might pause to think that around a third of the food we eat is thanks to their efficient and crucial act of pollination. Bees transfer pollen between plants to allow fertilization. Through interviews with beekeepers in Vietnam and London, this video explores solutions to challenges posed by climate change.

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