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Great Barrier Reef (02:33)


The reef, formed by accumulated coral calcium carbonate skeletons, is the largest on Earth. It is also one of the biggest ecosystems and houses great biodiversity.

Mass Extinction (02:36)

During 2016 and 2017, heat waves bleached and killed half the Great Barrier Reef. Human industry created the climate change that caused its demise. Its loss signified global catastrophe.

Conservation and Political Will (02:12)

In April 2018, the Australian government commits funds to protect the Great Barrier Reef; researchers at the National Sea Simulator shift studies. Global temperatures rise as a result of greenhouse gas emissions.

Protective Initiatives (06:25)

Line Bay researches methods to combat reef bleaching. Sun Shield is a floating film that blocks light and heat; Rangerbot locates and kills Crown of Thorn Starfish. Greening Australia promotes responsible agricultural practices

Diving the Great Barrier Reef (04:27)

Ivan Watson and Charles Veron explore a section active with marine life; they move locations, finding miles of bleached corals. Some species could rebound if temperatures moderate, but data predicts more extreme warming.

Saving Nemo (02:39)

Belgian Gardens Primary School gives students experience with marine life; they host a project to save clown fish. The children breed and raise the fish to manage aquarium demands. Climate change kills anemones.

Impact and Responsibility (02:27)

If current warming trends continue, the Great Barrier Reef will die. Human habits must change; we depend on ecosystems and habitat for survival.

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Ivan Watson goes on a journey to see the damage on the Great Barrier Reef and to meet the scientists spearheading the campaign to save the reef with projects at sea and on land.

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