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What is ADHD? (01:20)


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a cluster of traits in a human being that is associated with creativity. Kids are hyper-focused and socially uneasy.

ADHD Subtypes (01:55)

There are many different types and can manifest as hyperactivity or inattentiveness. Some do not respond to medication.

What Causes ADHD? (02:02)

Lifestyle, diet, and early trauma contributes to symptoms. Other issues could include mitochondrial imbalance, food allergies, slow development, co-morbidities, and poor exercise tolerance.

Limitations of Medication (02:58)

Psychiatry is over-focused on medication. Our quick-fix culture does not address underlying issues. Dangers include additional prescriptions for side effects.

Natural Remedies (01:53)

Sleep, diet, exercise, relationships, and spirit are the five pillars of health. Natural remedies include meditation and yoga. Individuals carry a 25% risk of having inherited mental health issues from our ancestors; epigenetics account for 75%.

Body: Exercise, Diet, and More (11:48)

People are not genetically engineered to sit all day; 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day helps children focus and improves electroencephalogram readings. Caffeine, food additives, food colorings, and sugar trigger mood and attention problems. There is a strong connection between the stomach and the brain.

Mind: Trauma and Chaos (03:48)

Children who experienced early trauma do not focus well; stimulant medications cause side effects and insomnia. Meditation and yoga can help control the mind.

Spirit: Spiritual Practice and Creativity (04:54)

Consider exploring different traditions for efficacy: meditation, prayer, and reading books for inspiration. Creativity helps one access their spirituality. Experts share why they prefer natural remedies over pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries.

Credits: Get Focused: Natural Remedies for ADHD - College and Youth Version (00:38)

Credits: Get Focused: Natural Remedies for ADHD - College and Youth Version

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Get Focused: Natural Remedies for ADHD - College and Youth Version

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In this fast-paced lively program, viewers learn about powerful natural remedies for ADHD. The program offers tips from best-selling authors, medical professionals, and experts in nutrition, exercise, meditation, and more. 

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