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Introduction to Psychometrics (04:26)


Systematic approaches should be used to understand and predict behavior. Tests build objectivity, are standardized, and only measure a sample of behavior; types include personality, objective, cognitive, abilities, values, career, and normal functioning. Psychometrics studies the efficacy of testing psychological constructs.

Reliability (11:11)

A test should be consistent and measures what it is supposed to measure; a test cannot be valid if it is not reliable. Assumptions in classical test theory include errors are random, true scores are fixed, and the distribution error will be constant. Learn differences between test re-test, alternate forms, internal consistency, and Inter-rater reliability; use the Spearman-Brown formula to see if the test length needs to be lengthened.

Validity (10:47)

Types of validity include face, content, construct, criterion, and factorial. Consider the biases and level of expertise of the experts. Factor analysis finds latent variables and principle components from manifest content.

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This video examines the topic of psychometrics, looking at the theory and technique of psychological measurement. It presents an introduction to the topic of psychometrics and discusses the concepts of reliability and validity and their various forms.

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