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Biodiesel (04:10)


In 1900, Otto Diesel introduces an engine that runs on vegetable oil. D1 Oils provides a complete production package aimed at developing countries. Jatropha seeds yield 40% of their weight in oil; the cold pour point is a limitation for many oils.

D1 Oils (04:30)

The company runs tests on a compact refinery that consists of modules; workers can monitor and control the refinery from a computer. D1 sponsors a V10 super car on the European circuit. Workers construct a large-scale tank farm.

Turkey Power (01:37)

Cooking turkey in oil is a common practice in the U.S. Residents in Plano, Texas recycle the oil and Biodiesel Industries converts the oil into biofuel.

Eco Bus (02:34)

Ecologists visit Mexico City in a bus fueled by waste cooking oil collected from eateries. Tanks hold 350 gallons; vegetable oil is carbon neutral. The group continues to Guatemala.

Biofuel: Barcelona (04:07)

Barcelona has some of the worst air pollution in Spain and officials set targets for clean energy sources to reduce emissions. Juame Margarit researches renewable fuels. Some eateries supply a recycling plant with used cooking oil for the creation of biodiesel.

Biofuel: Canada (03:21)

A bio-oil plant that converts wood chips into bio-oil is moving toward a commercial market. The process of fast pyrolysis that converts biomass into oil also produces electricity. The plant produces 50-70 tons of bio-oil per day.

Alternative Fuel (03:48)

A fuel depot in San Diego, CA gives consumers a choice of eight fuels; BioWillie is a cleaner burning biodiesel. Alternative fuel sales hinge on the cost of gas and diesel. Students visit the Eco Center for Alternative Fuel.

Credits: Biofuel Technology (00:14)

Credits: Biofuel Technology

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This video discusses different types of alternative fuels, looking at biofuel in the UK from vegetable oil, turkey oil from Texas, cooking oil used to fuel a bus, cooking oil to fuel a recycling plant, a factory in Canada that converts wood chips to bio-oil.

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