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Occupations Overview (01:31)


Electrical safety procedures and job tasks are defined for electricians, electronic technicians, carpenters, and automotive electricians.

Free Electron Flow (01:47)

Electricity, electron flow, conductors, simple circuits, power source, load, and transformers all play roles in bringing electricity into homes to be converted to other forms of energy.

Electric Shock (03:24)

To avoid accidental electrocution, always shut off a live electrical circuit before touching it. Assume all exposed wires are "hot." Test lights or multimeters check for power. The water in human bodies is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Electrical Safety in Hybrid Cars (01:27)

Hybrids use super-high voltages and current levels stored and generated by the electric drive devices and circuits. Most hybrid vehicles conduct 3-phase AC at 600 volts. Safety procedures for hybrids provide life-saving tips.

Tool Safety (02:48)

Tool safety is facilitated by eye protectors, hand tools with insulated handles, non-metallic tools, ground prongs, non-metal ladders, and GFCI extension cords. Other tips include battery safety.

Soldering Safety (01:25)

Always place a soldering iron in its holder or somewhere safely out of the way. Toxic fumes can be hazardous to health. Wear safety glasses and prevent solder drops from falling onto clothing or shoes.

Electronics Safety (01:34)

Resistor danger comes from resistor overheat, short, or burn open. Avoid cuts from sharp sheet metal edges, and static electricity.

House Wiring Safety (02:02)

Power panels or circuit breaker boxes feed power to the house wiring. Circuit breakers regulate how much current can flow into the circuit. Short circuits can cause fires. Always replace a fuse with the same type amperage rating.

Credits: Electrical Safety (01:44)

Credits: Electrical Safety

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Electrical Safety

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Those who work with electricity continually run the risk of electric shock and electrical fires. This video details electricity-related safety procedures to follow for these hazards as well as protection of electrical instruments and solid-state devices. An excellent overview for those who work with electricity and a useful general safety video for anyone else studying technology. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. Part 1 of the Safety and Technology Series. (18 minutes)

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“Correlated to several standards, including those for math, science, and English, these DVDs provide teachers with the step-by-step guidelines for student safety while meeting specific instructional objectives....Educators required to provide safety instruction for vocational/technology education programs will find that this series addresses the specific objectives in the safe use of dangerous equipment while providing additional resources to enhance the curriculum content.”  Library Media Connection

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