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Introduction: Thai Cave Rescue (02:47)


In Thailand, 12 boys and their soccer coach become trapped in a flooded cave, with water levels rising. An international team of divers searches the caverns and endures dangerous conditions in effort to rescue them. Tham Luang Cave is a popular tourist attraction located in Doi Nang Non.

Day One: Saturday, June Twenty Third (03:10)

The boys and their coach enter the Tham Luang cave; soon after, a monsoon strikes. Parents discover bicycles and cleats at the entrance, and observe flooding; Bandit Phanphalakorn describes first attempts to locate the team. Governor Narongsak Osottanakorn stops rescue operations until proper crew and equipment arrive.

Day Two: Sunday, June Twenty Fourth (03:34)

With water blocking cave entrances, Thai officials enlist professional cavers; Vern Unsworth leads an expedition to locate alternative entry points. Thai Navy SEALS and Dr. Pak Loharachun are called; he describes the complexities of the rescue. See a map of the Tham Luang Cave system.

Worsening Situation (02:45)

Thai Navy SEALS lay a guideline to navigate murky waters, but air supplies are too limited to reach Pattaya Beach. In an effort to manage rising waters, pumps are utilized, but the caverns continue to flood. Loharachun explains human survival thresholds; the boys are without food and potable water.

Day Four: Tuesday, June Twenty Sixth (03:57)

As the rescue becomes an international effort, volunteers search for alternative cave entrances. Phanphalakorn discusses parent and community stresses; elite members of British Cave Rescue Council are enlisted. The U.S. Air Force Pararescue joins the search; Major Charles Hodges describes challenges of engineering the mission.

Time Constraints (03:03)

The boys are in danger of starving. Groundwater engineer Thanet Natisri is called in to analyze the situation. He finds openings, and diverts water from sinkholes; levels in the cave stabilize and begin dropping.

Day Seven: Friday, June Twenty Ninth (01:56)

Doctor Jennifer Wild discusses the mental health of the boys after being trapped for a week without food and water; their youth is an advantage. With the first half mile of cave drained, the search intensifies; equipment is docked at Chamber Three.

Day Ten: Monday, July Second (04:31)

Experienced divers are deployed; Erik Brown describes cave's blind conditions and tight passages. Rick Stanton and John Volanthen lead; they reach Pattaya Beach, but no one is there. They find an air pocket and discover the boys and coach alive.

Alive and Hungry (02:47)

Loharachun takes the dive to assess the boys' medical conditions; they are starving, but still healthy. He gives them food, treats their cuts and scrapes, and resolves to stay with them until they are rescued. Parents write letters to the coach expressing gratitude.

Suffocating Conditions (05:44)

Authorities scramble to design a rescue mission, narrowing options to a dive operation. Sergeant Ken O’Brien explains the dangers of swimming boys through caverns. Cave oxygen levels lower and divers ferry in tanks. Petty Officer Saman Guna becomes unconscious and dies on delivery return.

Forming a Strategy (06:17)

Officials consider stopping rescue efforts until monsoon season ends. Under the threat of intensifying storms, a dive rescue mission is the only chance of getting the boys out alive. See a computer simulation and hear details of plan; to manage panic, anesthesiologist Richard Harris is enlisted to sedate the boys.

Day Sixteen: Sunday, July Eighth (05:28)

Brown discusses complexities of the rescue. Loharachun explains details to the boys, prepping them for journey; they are led individually between check points. Before reaching his post, Ivan Kardzic's helmet snags and he narrowly escapes; he describes seeing the first boy emerging.

Day Eighteen: Tuesday, July Tenth (05:44)

Divers and boys meet U.S. Air Force rescuers in chamber three; a high line and stretcher are used to get the boys up a steep slope. The boys and coach are rushed to the hospital; inside the cave, pumps fail and rescuers narrowly escape.

Credits: Thai Cave Rescue (00:54)

Credits: Thai Cave Rescue

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