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Kuwait (06:47)


Kuwait is one of the richest nations in the world. About a tenth of the population is millionaires and expensive, vintage cars are common in the country. Kuwait has a democratic government and is considered tolerate for the Arabian Peninsula.

Kuwaiti Camel Races (02:10)

Camel racing is a popular sport in Kuwait. Camel owners use robot jockeys and drive along their camels in cars.

Bahrain (05:41)

Bahrain is the smallest state in the Arabia Peninsula. Its more liberal society makes it a popular vacation destination for Saudis. Desert camping is a popular pastime in Bahrain.

Kuwaiti Traditions (04:52)

A chef in Kuwait City prepares a traditional Kuwaiti meal for a group of women. Camel owners compete in an annual racing tournament.

Bahraini Wealth (07:26)

Like many states in the Arabian Peninsula, Bahrain's wealth comes from oil. The country is also known for its natural pearls.

Alcohol in Bahrain (03:10)

Bahrain is one of the few places in the Arabian Peninsula were alcohol can be served. Bars and nightclubs draw in visitors from neighboring countries.

Qatar (05:03)

The emirate of Qatar is preparing to host the World Cup in 2022. The selection gave the country international attention and inspired some to educate foreigners about customs in the country.

Bahraini Nightlife (03:23)

Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Qatar, so many spend their weekends in neighboring Bahrain, where it is allowed. A cocktail bar offers a different special every Friday.

Qatari Sword Dance (03:19)

The Ardah is the traditional sword dance in Qatar. An instructor teaches a group of boys the dance they will be performing at a wedding.

Modernity in Bahrain (04:47)

A Bahraini jewelry designer searches for the perfect pearl for a custom jewelry piece. She uses traditional Bahraini pearls in modern jewelry.

Traditions in Qatar (03:51)

The sword dancers perform at the wedding. The wedding is held in a ceremonial banquet hall built by the Emir that is available for rent by Qataris.

Credits: Little Neighbors - Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait (00:21)

Credits: Little Neighbors - Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait

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Little Neighbors – Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait

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Crystal-clear water, spectacular salt deserts, and ancient burial mounds. Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain are the smallest countries on the Arabian Peninsula, yet the people living here are no less self-assured. Marble-adorned Qatar is even considered the richest country in the world. Its youngest citizens are already taught the Arab sword dance. Bahrain is said to be the most liberal country on the Arabian Peninsula with freedom of religion, bars, and nightlife. In cosmopolitan Kuwait, people enjoy good food, expensive cars, and fast camels.

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