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Gulf of Oman (03:09)


Oman is to the southeast of Saudi Arabia and has an extensive coastline. A mountain range separates the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman. Dolphins lead fisherman to schools of fish.

Omani Sailing (05:57)

The Omani are known for sailing and navigational skills. Sailing is a popular sport with numerous schools throughout the country. Oman Sail works to achieve gender equality in sailing.

Bahla and Nizwa (06:29)

Bahla is known for horse races with members of the royal Calvary. Nizwa is known for silver goods, especially ceremonial curved daggers. Nizwa has a livestock market that follows strict traditions.

Hasa, Musandam (04:08)

The fishing village is located on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. The number of dolphins in the region is shrinking; Hasim and his granddaughters search for the mammals.

Omani Frankincense (02:01)

Frankincense trees to grow in Omani's unique climate. Shopkeepers sell numerous frankincense products in the Salala markets.

Barka, Oman (03:01)

Bullfighting is common in the city. Breeders and spectators travel to attend weekly tournaments.

Muscat, Oman (08:37)

The capital city is home to one of the largest mosques in the world. Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said is a liberal Middle Eastern leader, who keeps Oman out of religious conflicts and provides opportunities for women.

Hasik, Oman (04:33)

Sustainable tourism is a focus for the Sultanate. Hasik is a coastal village in southern Oman. A cooperative assists local women, who collect and sell mussels.

Omani Traditions (04:39)

Wadis on the coastline invite people to swim. Hamid enjoys the desert in the morning; coffee and dates is an important custom. The Bedouin people were once fully nomadic, but many have settled in Omani villages and cities.

Misfat Al Abriyeen (02:59)

The village in the mountains is approximately 3,000 feet above sea level. An ancient irrigation system provides water to the village.

Omani Desert (04:55)

A Bedouin family turned their property into a camp for tourists in the desert. The family has camels though they do not fulfill the role they once did.

Credits: Once upon a time...Fairy Tale Oman (00:21)

Credits: Once upon a time...Fairy Tale Oman

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The sultanate of Oman is shrouded in legend and largely unknown. In recent years, the country has opened up to western visitors, who enjoy the endless expanses of the desert, verdant high mountain regions, fertile oases and miles of coastline with turquoise waters. In the capital, we see that the sultanate is well on its way into the modern age. Muscat is spotlessly clean and neither surprisingly un-traditional nor typically Arabic. While the city focuses on luxury and extravagance, sporting the region’s first opera house, the villages remain steeped in the atmosphere of oriental fairy tales.

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