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Energy (12:21)


In 2077, it is estimated the global population will be 10 billion and significantly more resources will be needed. Multiple countries have banded together to development fusion energy, which some believe is the only way to produce enough energy to support the growing human population. Nuclear power is seen as a short-term solution, but it creates large amounts of waste.

Sustainability (08:02)

Human society has created a need for unstoppable growth, which has outgrown the sustainability of the planet. The amount of food wasted each year is enough to feed the entire world's population.

Cities (12:18)

There will be more autonomous and energy-efficient buildings as cities continue to grow. Nanotechnology and 3D printing will become important in designing and constructing houses. Economic gaps within cities are expected to grow if society remains capitalistic.

Migrations (06:34)

Climate change will begin displacing massive amounts of people and animals throughout the world. A return to a more nomadic lifestyle will create social challenges most people have never experienced before.

New Global Order (14:20)

By 2077, it is predicted 20 countries will have nuclear weapons. The major players and reasons for war will change as society progresses.

Credits: New Nomads (01:48)

Credits: New Nomads

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In 2077, we will be three billion more people. On the one hand, we have technological possibilities like never before at our disposal. On the other hand, we have the pressure of demographic growth and the threats of resource scarcity, pollution, and climate change. How can we meet energy and food needs in a sustainable way, without jeopardizing our permanence on this planet? Ten thousand years after having become sedentary, in many parts of the globe man will be forced to return to a new nomadism, leading to the largest migration movement in history. A new global order will arise. In 2077, there may be more than 20 nuclear powers, almost all of them located in areas of great political instability. The possibility of a new world war in space is not out of the equation. In the time of nanotechnology and dangerously minuscule weapons, big politics will be increasingly more important.

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