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Organic Farming (05:55)


Some farmers in France are looking to grow productions to increase output and sales. Organic farming traditionally produces less cultivation than conventional farming. Many farmers use cooperatives to meet high demands.

Technological Farming (07:29)

Crops and livestock yields have exponentially increased over the last 200 years with the introduction of machines. A large scale farm in Germany uses GPS-controlled tractors to plow and plant feed crops and an automatic milking system for dairy cows.

Mechanization of Farming (05:18)

Farmers grow produce throughout the European Union and it must be transported to marketplaces. Farms have been producing more with fewer employees because of new machinery and technology.

Mass Animal Production (04:09)

Farmers follow principles to breed the best pigs for meat production. Some practices are criticized by animal rights activists, but most farms have the safety of sows and piglets in mind.

Food Exports (06:47)

More than five billion apples are exported from Poland each year. Fruit orchards banded together to increase exportation when EU sanctions stopped trade with Russia. The federation has created new products to make up for the loss.

Credits: Fruits of Home (00:44)

Credits: Fruits of Home

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Today's farmers have little in common with the farmers of bygone times. While in the past one farmer fed four people, today it is more than 100. Computer-controlled combine harvesters, milking robots, and hybrid breeding are methods of modern agriculture that have led to increasing yields. The film shows how some of today's farmers are facing the price pressure of the market. Because of his milking robot, Christoph Klamroth can sleep longer. And he is not the only one. Where digital technologies are widespread, for example in France or Germany, farmers are healthier and get more sleep - one hour per day! Curiously, 69% of the French claim they regularly buy organic products, but their market share is only 3%, but growing massively. Organic farmers prove with their cooperative that organic vegetables can be produced regionally and in large quantities.

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