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Introducing Black Studies (03:15)


Dr. Maulana Karenga is the creator of Kwanzaa, founder of several Black Nationalist organizations, and California State University Black Studies Chair. Karenga discusses starting the higher education course and establishing relevance.

Direction of Black Studies (02:06)

We must recognize the diversity in black culture. Karenga approves of the direction National Council leaders are taking the educational discipline—how does knowledge translate into a beneficial political practice.

Communalism and Reparations (05:57)

Over 28 million people celebrate Kwanzaa throughout the world; Karenga explains the seven principles. He believes reparations for African-Americans based on slavery is a legitimate claim; it must consist of five fundamental aspects and possibly money.

Holocaust vs. Slavery (05:07)

Karenga states that the enslavement African-Americans experienced is a holocaust. He distinguishes between the two concepts, states that claims of reparations are against the government, and cites three levels of responsibility.

Origin of Civilization (03:07)

Karenga comments on Europeans denying the African character of Egypt; we must return Egypt to African history. He reflects on prominent figures and the origin of Africa's name, Alkebulan.

Civilization Decline (03:22)

Karenga explains how Europeans conquered Africans. Europe gains hegemony and has economic advantage.

Creating Kwanzaa (01:58)

Karenga says he has not received economic reward for the holiday, but finds the flourishing of his work during his lifetime rewarding. Overall, Black Studies is moving in the right direction.

Credits: The Evolution of Black Studies (00:16)

Credits: The Evolution of Black Studies

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The Evolution of Black Studies

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Dr. Maulana Karenga, creator of Kwanzaa, has had a profound impact on the African-American culture as well as the evolution of Black Studies. He is founder of several Black Nationalist organizations and a key figure in the shaping of black thought. In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Karenga and Tony Brown discuss the direction of this evolution.

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