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Revenues in Gospel Music (03:53)


Gospelypso combines jazz, calypso, and gospel. Caribbean music has a tremendous impact on America through African American communities. Eric Christian describes his background learning different music genres.

Hispanic Music (04:51)

Hispanics create their own Grammy Awards ceremony in Miami; they have a television network, newspapers, and radio stations. Pockets of Caribbean people exist in Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Florida, New York City, Atlanta, and Connecticut. The music industry is unlikely to record gospel music.

Caribbean Music Acceptance (04:51)

Young white individuals purchase music that is indigenous to the black experience. Bob Marley is popular in the white community. Caribbeans do not purchase "Stomp," sung by Kirk Franklin.

St. Thomas Carnivals (03:56)

Christian explains how he brought gospel music to the Virgin Islands. Florida is a better platform for his music because of multi-ethnic groups and increased exposure. Sacred music is evolving to include people of different color.

Musical Changes (03:35)

Zouk is performed in Haiti, Martinique, and Guadalupe; Merengue and Salsa hail from Puerto Rico. All English-speaking countries in the Caribbean perform Calypso. The countries are beginning to combine and incorporate other styles.

Technological Advancements (03:42)

Music continually changes because artists can hear genres from all over the world. Brown describes how songs can communicate emotions without knowing the words. Music is a universal language and can break down barriers.

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Credits: New Millennium Music

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Gospel music revenues were 11 percent higher than the industry average in 2000. In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, music scholar Eric Christian attributes this growth to savvy imaging, more sophisticated marketing, and the emergence of varied ethnic groups on the gospel scene. Christian also discusses the birth of a new music phenomenon called Gospelypso.

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