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Melting Pot Music (04:22)


According to Cashbox, "C'est Chic" tops the rhythm and blues, pop, and disco single charts. Musicians create crossover music when it generates a hit single within African American and white communities. Examples include George Duke and the Bee Gees.

Marketing Strategies (05:24)

Experts predict a band will crossover if songs are played on rhythm and blues and pop radio stations. Marketing plan factors include the music and the consumer. Rhythm and blues has a heavy bottom and light sophisticated top.

Composing Crossover Music (04:11)

Harold Wheeler arranges music from "The Wiz," "Star Wars," and "Close Encounters." He discusses changing "If You Believe" into various musical genres. Pop music is colorblind and the primary market for crossover music.

Carlos Santana (03:00)

"Jingo" begins the crossover trend, appearing onrock and rhythm, and blues charts. Black music incorporates strings and horns. Wheeler demonstrates how to combine elements to appeal to a crossover audience.

Unfair Practices (04:12)

Music companies introduce 150 new albums per week. Black Music Association (BMA) estimates that African Americans purchase 40% of the market. White artists have more exposure because there are more radio stations.

Credits: Black and White Music: The Melting Pot Music (00:37)

Credits: Black and White Music: The Melting Pot Music

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Black and White Music: The Melting Pot Music

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This program from Tony Brown's Journal looks at some of the differences between Black and White music. It features performances by Santana, George Duke, and Billy Joel; an interview with composer, arranger, conductor Harold Wheeler, whose arrangements include such hits as The Wiz, Star Wars, and Close Encounters of The Third Kind; and a discussion with LeBaron Taylor, Vice President, Black Music Marketing of CBS Records in the 1970s.

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