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"The Daily Show" Host (02:32)


Carlos Watson asks Trevor Noah about landing “the most coveted job in television comedy.” Noah discusses John Stewart’s approach to satire, his own fear of failure, and the influence of his mother.

Noah's Background (01:39)

Noah is born in Soweto in 1984; his mother raises him after his father moves to Switzerland. He describes growing-up in a segregated society under apartheid; he is biracial, which makes his birth a crime.

Early Stand-Up Career (02:03)

Noah starts performing at 22, using his colorful upbringing for laughs. His mother initially thinks he is selling drugs. He recalls the Johannesburg comedy scene as being small and inclusive.

Comedy Tour (02:51)

Noah describes his early touring days in South Africa and neighboring countries. Filmmaker David Paul Meyer recalls the circumstances leading up to Noah’s first stand-up comedy special, “The Daywalker.”

Family Violence (03:15)

Noah’s stepfather shoots his mother in the head, but she survives with no neurological damage. She encourages her son to film his special.

Noah Turns Down "The Daily Show" (03:04)

Noah’s career takes off following the release of “The Daywalker.” His unique, global perspective draws the attention of Jen Flanz. Stewart reaches out, but Noah declines his initial offer to become a show contributor.

Noah Joins "The Daily Show" Cast (02:12)

Noah eventually agrees to be a correspondent. Stewart immediately relates to the South African comedian, and drops a bombshell not long after Noah joins the cast.

Why Trevor Noah? (02:50)

Watson asks Noah why he thinks he was chosen to host “The Daily Show.” In 2015, he sets about leaving his mark on the show, ignoring the backlash from critics.

Noah Predicts Trump Win (02:44)

“Daily Show” crew members scoff at Noah’s prediction. Trump is a timely gift for Noah who compares him to African dictators on air. Noah’s outsider perspective allows him to stand out in today’s chaotic political climate.

Noah Discovers Eddie Murphy (01:15)

Noah recalls his first exposure to Murphy. (Credits)

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Born and raised in South Africa, Trevor Noah used his mother’s influence to turn the painful stories from his life into a unique voice on the international comedy circuit. But how did his tumultuous upbringing land him in a position to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes on The Daily Show, one of the most sought-after jobs in all of late night television?

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