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Elephant Migration: Introduction (01:39)


Elephants from across northern Kenya gather in search of food and a mate. Scientists and filmmakers will follow the herd; some elephants have GPS collars.

Samburu National Reserve (03:41)

The team uses the reserve as a base and works with members of Save the Elephants. Elephant families journey up to 100 miles, but will leave for home ranges in 21 days. Researches track a group of bull elephants and a group of orphans.

Elephant Gathering (03:46)

Large groups of elephant families are on the reserve and bulls begin to arrive. Digital tracking shows the movements of 45-year-old Matt who is likely in must.

Must Bull (02:59)

Cameraman Bob Poole finds Matt resting and is careful in his approach. He confirms Matt is in must before Matt charges the vehicle.

Young Orphan Elephants (06:30)

Max Hug Williams locates the herd he once filmed before it was decimated by poachers. A few years ago, a young leader's inexperience put her orphan herd a risk. Habiba is a 13-year-old matriarch and first time mother to Zawati.

Mating Season (04:32)

Must bulls are constantly on the move and Poole finds Matt with a group of females; young males offer little competition. Edison, a 28-year-old male in full must, enters the reserve from the west.

Elephant Society (03:36)

Collar data reveals that Habiba is conservative in her movements. A large mature herd pushes them out of the shade. Habiba tries to lead her herd to more shade but encounters resistance from a young bull.

Use of Scent (03:49)

Matt searches for a mate in estrus. The elephant's trunk is one of the most sensitive noses in the animal kingdom. At base camp, a bull named Yeager investigates a collection of tracking collars of elephants killed by poachers.

Predator and Prey (04:40)

Williams follows Habiba and her herd into lion territory. The pride moves closer to the orphans and Zawati ventures away from the herd. A must bull chasing a female enters the scene, saving the lives of the orphans.

Finding a Mate (06:40)

Poole tracks Matt and finds him guarding a female. His jeep gets stuck as he tries to give Matt space; seven males follow the female and Matt.

Unusual Elephant Behavior (02:12)

A group of elephants feasts on weaver bird nests that contain eggs and chicks.

Successful Mating (03:39)

Matt leads the female to a secluded area and the two mate; the female will give birth in 22 months. Dominant bulls are increasingly rare.

Elephant Dispersal and Acceptance (06:05)

Elephants begin to leave the gathering for their home lands. Habiba leads her herd to a well-established herd and the families leave as one group. Review key elements of the film.

Credits: ature's Great Race: Part 1 (00:25)

Credits: ature's Great Race: Part 1

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A thousand elephants, from magnificent bulls to vulnerable orphans, come together in a crucial annual gathering in northern Kenya, whilst facing deadly threats from both predators and poachers.

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