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Accidental Deaths (01:42)


More than half the population of Bangladesh is under the age of 15. Over 30,000 children die each year due to injury or accident, making it the leading cause of death in that age group.

Death By Drowning (06:02)

Shahnaz, age nine, cannot swim. She recalls the circumstances that led to her 5-year-old cousin drowning in a local pond. More than 17,000 children die this way each year.

Children and Burns (03:50)

Open fires pose a danger to children in rural areas; about 350 die from burns each year and more than 3,500 are disabled. Monika, 10, suffers from painful scars after her skirt caught on fire. Dr. Kishore Kumar Das explains how patients in his burn unit were injured.

Centre for Injury Prevention and Research (03:04)

The non-governmental agency has established programs all over Bangladesh to promote child safety. Experts from the group assess risk factors in homes and advise how to make improvements. The group leads a “social autopsy” after a 6-year-old girl falls into a well and dies.

Community Safety Programs (06:14)

The SwimSafe program oversees the construction of learning pools and teaches Bangladeshi children how to swim. Fazlur Rahman highlights peak times during which children are more likely to be unsupervised and injured.

Credits: Living Dangerously (00:10)

Credits: Living Dangerously

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At least 30,000 children die through accidents every year in Bangladesh, and almost a quarter are drownings. But burns, traffic accidents and electrocution are also common causes of childhood deaths and injuries. Families regard these tragedies simply as a fact of life. This is the story of 9-year old Shahnaz whose cousin died while playing in a local pond. Simple measures such as swimming lessons and a crèche for young children means that people like Shahnaz can play safely without putting themselves in danger.

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