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Human Ancestry (06:17)


Homosapiens have existed for approximately 200,000 years. The representation of human evolution in many natural history text books is wrong. Pascal PICQ explains human adaptations.

Human Communication (07:57)

Chimpanzees communicate through calls, postures, and gestures; vocalizations among primates do not vary. Human anatomy allows vocal communication; the larynx is the principle element of our vocal apparatus.

Physical Differences (06:14)

Humans have many physical differences—hair color, skin color, and eye color. A geneticist talks about DNA, genetic variance, natural selection, mutations, and how humans have adapted to their environments. Because populations are moving, new physical traits will appear.

Human Diet (08:35)

The Paleolithic diet eliminates grains, dairy products, and processed foods. It requires a significant amount of vegetables and little meat. A restaurant worker explains how to make paleo bread.

Wolf Research (08:59)

Shaun Ellis lives among wolves in Yellowstone National Park and mimics their behavior. A nutrition expert talks about the human digestive system and diseases that could come from eating raw meat. Ellis discusses communicating with the wolves.

Lions and Hyenas (08:54)

Kevin Richards manages a wildlife reserve and has formed relationships with hyenas and lions. He must be extremely aware of his body language and stress levels when with the wild animals. Richards discusses vocalization and gestural language.

Credits: Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body: Part 4 (00:30)

Credits: Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body: Part 4

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In this episode, we look at how our bodies have evolved through time and how our powers have changed through the ages. We will meet a man who has lived with wolves, another who eats a Palaeolithic diet and another who can communicate with wild animals all in our efforts to understand how our brains have evolved through time, why we look the way we do and to trace the origins of language.

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