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Acquiring Trauma (05:12)


Jacob Fadley served multiple tours in Iraq, and got into a near-fatal car accident upon his return home. He visits a psychologist to understand the PTSD he is suffering from; the therapist believes childhood physical abuse has had a significant impact on his current mental state.

Seeking Help for Mental Health (03:52)

Fadley was not prepared for his experiences in combat. He speaks with the director of The Sparta Project, a retreat for veterans suffering from PTSD. His wife helps him pack and drops him off at the airport.

The Sparta Project (05:48)

Fadley arrives at a healing camp for military veterans, to try and confront the post-traumatic stress disorder he developed following childhood trauma and later, as a combat photographer. Veterans share their goals and talk about military experiences.

Overcoming PTSD (06:15)

Fadley used his military service as a way to validate childhood physical abuse, but has realized he needed to be vulnerable to heal. He asks his wife if she has noticed changes in his behavior. He speaks with his therapist about the mental health retreat.

Credits: Into the Trenches (02:10)

Credits: Into the Trenches

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This documentary probes the complex nature of PTSD, profiling a veteran with feelings of self-hatred. Viewing posttraumatic stress as a natural outcome of exposure to highly stressful events and not as a disorder, the video brings to light the quiet struggle of individuals suffering from stress-related disorders.

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