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Emmanuel and Captain Jack (04:01)


An Appaloosa horse helps a war veteran suffering from PTSD. Emmanuel began equine therapy at Blue Star Ranch. Working with horses helps with communication, stress management, and self-esteem.

Horse Therapy (06:44)

Emmanuel is scared to interact with a horse and refuses to ride. Horse therapy is sometimes just connecting with a horse through grooming, feeling, symbolism, and walking. Emmanuel is an outreach coordinator and brings veterans to the ranch.

Training Horses (01:41)

Bit by Bit Therapeutic Riding Center provides assistance through equine therapy. Riding horses improves core strength and balance. Horses must be desensitized to distractions and relaxed.

Steve and Service Dog Tahoe (03:28)

A Labradoodle service dog helps a man who suffers from polio. Steve has lost the ability to complete many tasks on his own. Tahoe is affectionate, versatile, upbeat, and helps Steve with mobility challenges.

Tahoe's Tasks (05:04)

Steve met Tahoe through volunteering at Canine Support Teams. Tahoe helps him with mobility needs and provides emotional support. Steve overcomes a major fear by riding in a hot air balloon.

Credits: Steve & Tahoe/Manny & Captain Jack Sparrow—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:32)

Credits: Steve & Tahoe/Manny & Captain Jack Sparrow—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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Steve & Tahoe/Manny & Captain Jack Sparrow—Collar of Duty: Season 1

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 1
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A Golden Doodle named Tahoe helps a paraplegic man with mobility and daily tasks, giving him the sense of independence he longed for. After all else failed, a veteran with PTSD finally receives successful therapy from an Appaloosa horse named Captain Jack Sparrow, allowing him to be free of the triggers of his illness and enjoy life again.

Length: 23 minutes

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