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Adam and Service Dog Totem (02:59)


Totem, a black Labrador Retriever, helps Adam, a child with severe autism. Adam’s parents heard about service dogs through the Lions Foundation. Autism support dogs help calm children in high-anxiety situations, help with socialization, and keep the child safe.

Totem's Support (03:10)

Totem lives with the family and Adam now talks to people, laughs, and throws fewer fits. Totem distracts Adam in high-anxiety situations, calms him by moving toward him, and provides tactile stimulation. Adam hugs and kisses parents, and has a stronger relationship with his brother.

Overcoming Fear (02:37)

Adam’s parents want to help him overcome his fear of water. Totem plays in the water, encouraging Adam. Adam’s parents say Totem has saved their marriage and their child, and is a member of the family.

Hippotherapy (01:29)

Bit by Bit provides therapy to children and adults who need physical, cognitive, and speech assistance. A handler trains horses to walk over poles and trot. Special needs riders improve their posture specific to a medical situation.

Michelle and Therapy Rats (03:59)

Six domesticated Fancy Rats provide Michelle with emotional support for depression. Rats are cleaner than a cat and have an acute awareness of their handler’s emotional state. They are intelligent, sociable, groom each other, and groom their handler after a bond forms.

Emotional Support (06:35)

Michelle says the rats provide her with support, a reason to get a job, self-confidence, and a reason to be healthy. Michelle brings the rats to a café where they are welcome. The rats help Michelle get out of her comfort zone and she can now do a photo shoot.

Credits: Adam & Totem/Michelle & the Rat Pack—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:29)

Credits: Adam & Totem/Michelle & the Rat Pack—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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Adam & Totem/Michelle & the Rat Pack—Collar of Duty: Season 1

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 1
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An 8 year old boy with severe Autism, who struggles with the world around him, finds comfort, safety, and a way to open up with the help of his service dog, Totem, a loyal Black Labrador. In upstate New York, a woman who suffered from depression most of her life finally finds love, joy, and purpose thanks to emotional support rats.

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