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Zack Lamb (04:54)


Zack has one of the worst cases of Tourette's Syndrome in America. His parents, Mary and Carl, explain what it is like raising Zack. He explains what his tics and symptoms feel like.

Zack's Family Background (07:27)

Zack talks about his relationship with his parents and sister, Katie. Sometimes his tics involve hitting or pushing his family members. The Lambs are religious, and Mary believes God tasked her with caring for Zack.

Kids Camp (07:58)

Zack reflects on his hitting tic. He attends a camp for children with Tourette's. Comorbidities, like Zack's OCD, is common among the campers.

Zack's Hospitalization (06:04)

Zack is hospitalized after having severe symptoms for two weeks. Doctors place him in a drug-induced coma to stop his body from constantly moving.

Treatment Options (06:37)

As Zack's symptoms worsen, he and his family meet with doctors about having deep brain stimulation surgery. The surgery is considered experimental but has been successful for people with Tourette's and Parkinson's.

Surgery Preparations (06:09)

Zack's doctor outlines the possible outcomes of deep brain stimulation surgery. Zack fears he might die and Mary takes him to fulfill a series of wishes.

Surgery Day (06:04)

Zack undergoes deep brain stimulation surgery. Mary expresses concerns about Zack's personality changing.

Zack's Improvements (07:20)

Zack returns to the doctors so they can turn on the electrodes in his brain. His personality returns and his family sees a dramatic decrease in tics.

Credits: The Boy Inside: Trapped by Tourette's (00:21)

Credits: The Boy Inside: Trapped by Tourette's

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The Boy Inside: Trapped by Tourette's

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The Boy Inside follows an extraordinary year in the life of a teenager with one of the worst cases of Tourette's in America. Zack Lamb’s twitches and the strange sounds he makes are uncontrollable – and they are getting worse. As Zack’s behavior gets more extreme and more dangerous, his mother is forced to explore radical treatments. But what if she’s made a terrible mistake?

Length: 54 minutes

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