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"Radical Transformational Leadership" (02:26)


Hazel Henderson and Dr. Monica Sharma will discuss society's obsession with using money to measure worth, without considering unpaid contributions. Sharma's book outlines how social progress goes beyond conventional rules, models and economies.

Redefining Success (02:52)

The idea that monetary wealth is necessary for wellbeing came from a scarcity mindset. People around the world are realizing that the traditional economic model is not advancing societies; having more money does not make us happier.

Transcending "Isms" (04:00)

Sharma reflects on challenging the capitalist socioeconomic paradigm through self-empowerment. True wealth means being able to tap into social and intellectual capital. Individual self-respect is crucial for effecting social change.

Overcoming the Individualistic Paradigm (04:08)

Henderson discusses how individuals are responsible for their monetary success or failure while advertising attacks people's dignity. Rejecting this norm activates universal empathy, fairness, and compassion. For Sharma, being called to serve society co-creates a joyful space.

One Human Family on a Sinking Ship (04:49)

Henderson discusses overcoming religious differences. Sharma distinguishes religiosity and fundamentalism from spirituality. Connecting to the compassionate self anchors our faith and helps us transcend organizational and ego power struggles.

Prosperity Fractal (02:36)

Sharma describes intrinsic power from sourcing the universal conscious self. Henderson believes the economic concept of scarcity is a myth. Humans no longer need to dominate, in a world with abundant solar energy and sharing capacity.

Shifting Norms and Evolving (05:26)

Humans can observe when systems and patterns do not work for their communities and create new ones. Henderson reflects on helping people to transcend disciplines for a sustainable future. Sharma believes our sense of inner self, oneness and compassion endures.

Credits: Prosperity and Wellbeing - Beyond Money and GDP (00:56)

Credits: Prosperity and Wellbeing - Beyond Money and GDP

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Prosperity and Wellbeing - Beyond Money and GDP

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In this program Hazel Henderson explores with Dr. Monica Sharma, author of Radical Transformational Leadership (2018), how the worship of money and the fetishism of measuring national progress by GDP-growth can be clarified. Now that 195 nations have agreed on the new scorecard, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) progress can be tracked more holistically with these 17 goals covering all aspects of human development. Dr. Sharma became a leader in many United Nations health initiatives and her leadership style can inspire and empower many others.

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