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Arctic Garden (04:01)


The Inupiaq, a group of indigenous people, occupy Point Hope, Alaska, a town located 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. They still use handmade, wood-framed boats for their annual whale hunts. Caroline Cannon is a community leader who is fighting a looming threat to the Inupiaq’s way of life: offshore oil drilling.

Supply Chain (03:45)

China has some of the most challenging environmental conditions in the world including badly polluted air and contaminated water. Environmentalist Ma Jun founded the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) to mobilize the public around these issues.

New Russia (04:27)

Evgenia Chirikova and her husband wanted to find the greenest, prettiest place to raise their family so they left Moscow to live near Khimki Forest. Chirikova formed the group Defend Khimki Forest after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin revoked the forest’s protected status to build the Mosco-St. Petersburg Highway.

Voice of the Voiceless (03:42)

Father Edu Gariguez was motivated by his religious faith to help the indigenous people of Mindoro—one of more than 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines—to maintain their land rights. Norwegian mining company Intex began drilling, with plans of opening a nickel mine on Mindoro, in 2001.

Mothers of Ituzaingo (04:27)

Argentinian soy farmers use more than 5 million gallons of Monsanto’s highly toxic weed killer, Roundup, every year. Sofia Gatica organized the Mothers of Ituzaingó to fight back after she lost her infant daughter to an illness she blames on the controversial herbicide.

Credits: From Kenya to the Arctic Circle (00:51)

Credits: From Kenya to the Arctic Circle

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From Kenya to the Arctic Circle

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Robert Redford narrates this episode of New Environmentalists, which profiles six activists fighting to protect the natural resources of their communities in Kenya, Russia, China, Argentina, the Philippines and the Arctic Circle. 

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