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Preparation for Home Birth (01:32)


A couple with four children opts to have the fifth child at home. They do not anticipate any complications.

Atmosphere for Home Birth (01:12)

In a family that has already had two home births, the children eagerly await the home birth of the fifth child. The atmosphere around a home birth is very different from a hospital birth.

Birth: Natural Process (01:03)

Children in a family of home births grow up knowing that birth is a natural process. The mid-wife comes to the home for prenatal care. Research supports home birth as a safe option for pregnant women.

Midwife on Home Births (00:59)

A midwife shares her opinion about home births.

Physician's Ideas About Home Births (01:14)

A physician agrees that home birth is a safe options for healthy women with no known complicating factors. He discusses high risk pregnancies and other prenatal factors that could exclude women women from home birth.

Trained Midwives (01:30)

Trained midwives know when to transfer a home-birth mother to the hospital. First-time mothers who fit the criteria can have safe home births. On the other hand, first-timers are often likely to require intervention of some kind.

First Pregnancy (01:12)

A woman pregnant for the first time looks forward to a medication-free birth.

Medication-Free Birth (01:06)

Acupuncture can provide a safe and painless birthing experience. A young mother has an acupuncture session.

Value of Acupuncture (01:05)

Acupuncture is used effectively in the prenatal period to treat nausea, edema, hypertension, and for breech presentation when a C-section may be necessary. It is used in labor to bring on stages of labor and for pain.

Tips on Acupuncture During Pregnancy (00:55)

Before getting acupuncture treatments during pregnancy, consult a GP or midwife, make sure the practitioner has the right qualifications and experience, and look for a reputable list of acupuncturists to select from.

Water Birth and Nature's Epidural (01:25)

A mother wants to have a natural water birth at home. She practices a process called "hypnobirthing."

Benefits of Hypnobirthing (01:33)

Women who opt for hypnobirthing generally have calmer, shorter periods of labor and less pain during the birth processes.

Yoga During Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth (01:02)

Always seek medical advice before participating in alternative therapies for pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Benefits of Yoga: Breathing and Relaxation (01:07)

Those who practice yoga find themselves relaxing more and breathing more deeply. Yoga helps women develop stronger arms and legs and stronger pelvic muscles.

Pregnant Body in Training (00:58)

Pregnancy is not an illness. Women who have exercised very little prior to pregnancy can take up walking or swimming. The body must be in training for the hard work of labor and birth.

Successful Home Birth (01:12)

A family has its 5th baby at home. Mother gives birth in warm water. The baby came so fast that the camera crew had not yet arrived.

Unpredictable Birth Timing (01:06)

Children primed to welcome a new baby into the family are all asleep when the new baby arrives. The midwife appears just in time.

Examination of Newborn (01:11)

The midwife performs a "head-to-toe" check of the new baby. Everything appears fine.

Home Birth Is Natural (00:59)

A home birth is successful and the household calm and relaxed. The home birth works well for many families.

Home Birth: How to Decide (01:07)

Families deciding on home births must look at a number of factors including risks of hospitalization vs. risks at home. Health and safety of mother and baby come first in the decision-making process.

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Will the use of alternative birthing and pregnancy therapies one day become the norm? No one can say for sure, but more and more young mothers are attracted to birthing methods that avoid medication and traditional allopathic procedures. This program focuses on a couple who are about to have their fifth child and third home birth. Their desire is to have a water birth and the mother plans to use the hypnobirthing technique during labor. Also profiled is a pregnant woman who doesn’t want any medication during labor and is now exploring the benefits of alternative therapies to assist in pain relief. Viewers accompany her as she attends an acupuncture session and prenatal yoga instruction to find out if these options are suitable for her. (24 minutes)

Length: 25 minutes

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"Very well done, with clear, direct explanations of the major issues. The families are genuine and likeable, and Ms Ryan is an engaging host.... [This is a] good addition to public libraries with parenting collections. Recommended." —Educational Media Reviews Online


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