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New Baby at Home (01:07)


A new baby in the family changes family dynamics, especially if other children are in the home. New mothers must remember to take care of themselves after childbirth.

Baby's Health (00:49)

A new mother, far away from family support systems, worries that her new baby is not getting enough nutrition because she vomits up most of what she drinks.

C-Section Birth (01:44)

A mother has her second C-section. She cannot drive or pick up her toddler for six weeks, which creates special challenges for mother and baby at home.

Baby's Food Intake (00:57)

It is difficult for moms of breast-fed babies to know if the babies are getting enough milk. Regular weighing of the baby is the best way to track baby's weight from food intake.

Babies with Dry Skin (01:03)

Many babies have dry skin. A nurse helps new parents treat their baby's dry skin. She recommends a bath every two days without additives to the bath water.

Baby's Bath (01:08)

Support a baby's head in the crook of the arm and gently lower him or her into the bath water. Carefully clean the cord area. Tips for cord care are included in this segment.

Babies with Colic (00:57)

Babies with colic often cry for hours in the evening. Babies often outgrow colic in the 3rd or 4th month.

Breastfeeding Techniques (01:43)

Tips for proper breastfeeding are included in this segment. Burp the baby after each feeding to bring up air. Babies often vomit up a bit of milk as well.

Toddler and Newborn in the House (01:11)

With a toddler in the home, parents of a new baby wonder how the boy will adjust to the infant. A toddler's attempts at play or affection can be unintentionally hazardous.

Gentle Parenting (00:59)

Parents of a toddler learn to help the child adjust to the new baby. They do not scold him, but rather they explain to the boy what is and is not good for the new baby.

Toddler's Responsibilities (01:17)

A toddler helps his mother look after the new baby. Mother keeps the toddler with her on the couch when she feeds the baby. This makes the toddler feel part of the new family dynamics.

Baby Blues: Postpartum Depression (01:02)

Many new mothers experience "the blues" after a baby is born. This is called postpartum depression.

Symptoms of Baby Blues (01:01)

Symptoms of postpartum depression include a feeling of inability to cope, not enjoying the baby or feeling overly anxious about the baby, and inability to sleep even when exhausted.

How to Make a Child Feel Special (01:35)

A couple with an expanding family set aside a day to spend with their 2-year-old in order to help him feel important in the family.

Baby Massage (01:02)

To help ward off her "baby blues" and to help her colicky baby, a young mother enrolls in a baby massage class. The young mothers have an opportunity to exchange stories and bond with other adults.

Importance of Group Sessions (01:18)

Baby massage helps parents and babies relax more. Group sessions are helpful to both mother and baby.

Toddler's Adjustments (01:13)

A toddler slowly learns how to treat the newborn in the family. By involving him in the baby's care, the little boy does not feel abandoned or threatened by the presence of the baby.

Establishing a Routine (01:30)

A baby is less afflicted with colic by her 13th week. The new mother has adjusted to the routine of taking care of her infant.

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There’s no more daunting or more beautiful event in a family’s life than the arrival of a newborn. This program accompanies two families as they strive for order and peace of mind while adjusting to new members. Eight-week-old Umma endures severe colic as well as difficult breastfeeding issues—not to mention mom’s postpartum depression. The parents of newborn Ciaran (delivered by caesarean section) have just found good sleeping and eating routines with their older child. How will they cope as their infant makes waves and engenders sibling rivalry? Trusted nurse and midwife Gráinne Ryan reveals a variety of support methods and therapeutic techniques that help both families through their dramatic transitions. (24 minutes)

Length: 24 minutes

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"Very well done, with clear, direct explanations of the major issues. The families are genuine and likeable, and Ms Ryan is an engaging host....  good addition to public libraries with parenting collections. Recommended." —Educational Media Reviews Online


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