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Infant Reflux Disease (04:14)


A full-time mother stays home with three children, each of whom has problems with food and food allergies. A mother gets advice about her baby's persistent reflux.

Childhood Obesity (03:33)

A young boy ranks in the 98th percentile for weight in boys his age. He seems to eat continuously. Are his eating habits a way to get his mother's attention?

Nutrition and Diet Consultation for Children (03:58)

A boy who eats too much and an infant with unresolved reflux disease get help from a nutrition specialist. Mother keeps a food diary for her son and discovers he consumes 2800 calories daily.

Routine and Structure in the Family (03:52)

A mother must make time for herself in order to care for her three children, all of whom have eating and digestion problems. Routine and structure are important in family life, especially around meals.

Childhood Asthma and Exercise (04:41)

Parents of two asthmatic boys establish exercise appropriate to this health condition. Excess weight may make it difficult to control a child's asthma.

Family Success Story (02:03)

A family builds mealtime structure into their lives and takes time for more exercise. The asthmatic boys are healthier as a result. Mother learns to take more time for herself.

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Nutrition and Diet: A Baby on Board Case Study

Part of the Series : Baby on Board: Birthing, Child Development, and Parenting
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When it comes to kids and food, almost no one gets it right from the beginning. This program follows a family with three children, each facing different dietary concerns. Five-month-old Grace suffers from acid reflux, while Mark, age four, struggles with weight gain and David, age seven, must cope with severe food allergies. The boys also suffer from asthma and their parents, a busy father and a full-time mom, need help managing this condition as well as the eating issues and the family’s time management problems. With advice from dietary and medical experts, veteran nurse and midwife Gráinne Ryan introduces dietary assessments, customized eating plans, and clinical checkup schedules that address the family’s needs. (24 minutes)

Length: 25 minutes

Item#: FMK40535

ISBN: 978-1-60825-950-2

Copyright date: ©2008

Closed Captioned

Reviews & Awards

"Very well done, with clear, direct explanations of the major issues. The families are genuine and likeable, and Ms. Ryan is an engaging host....  good addition to public libraries with parenting collections. Recommended." —Educational Media Reviews Online


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