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Roman Villages in China (07:39)


China was once known as the Middle Empire and intentionally cut itself off from the rest of human civilization even during the time of Marco Polo and the creation of the Silk Road. See large monuments paying tribute to Roman soldiers following their defeat by the Parthian Empire.

Pasta in Lanzhou (08:42)

Modern-day Lanzhou is known for its extreme pollution which has led to a harsh smell lingering in the air; Taoism is a popular religion in the region. Traditional noodles created in Lanzhou from a recipe stolen by Marco Polo have cultural significance in China.

Lanzhou's Music Scene (04:58)

The Chinese government plans to fight pollution in the Lanzhou region by creating better public transportation networks. The music scene within the city of Lanzhou is strongly influenced by American rock; hear a rock band play several songs.

Conserving Confucian Traditions (03:20)

The small town of Qingcheng was left intact by the Chinese government as a "reminder village" displaying the ways society has improved and moved on from the traditional ways of their ancestors. See several traditional actresses perform the Chinese opera in full regalia.

Credits: Lanzhou (00:37)

Credits: Lanzhou

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China: Lanzhou

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Our guide travels to Liqian, at the narrowest point of the Hexi Corridor. Legend has it that this is where the descendants of Crassus' lost legions ended up. Continuing his exploration of Chinese popular culture, Alfred meets Liu Kun, a rock singer. His journey then takes him to the village of Xibe He Kou, where a traditional Chinese opera is being performed. From there, he goes to the sprawling industrial metropolis of Lanzhou, on the Yellow River, and samples an essential ingredient of Chinese culture—noodles.

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