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Turpan Depression (05:25)


Gaochang, an oasis city within the Gobi, was a trade center during the time of Marco Polo's journey along the Silk Road. The Uyghur people, a small Chinese ethnic group, are descendants of Turkish nomads from the Steppe.

Religion in Gaochang (03:22)

The city of Geochang has a mixture of Western and Eastern cultural and religious influences dating back to the time of European explorer Marco Polo. The dominant cultural religion in the Gobi Desert today is the Zodiac of the Han Chinese.

Turpan's Sewers and Wind Farms (05:53)

The oasis city of Turpan, once a prominent stop along the caravan route, has regained economic influence due to its massive oil wells. Turpan is well-known for its complex, Persian irrigation system.

Gobi Desert's Ancient Ruins (05:16)

Yar was a focal point of China's ideas, culture, and religions, and archeologist Su Dong Lang describes the history of the city. In the city of Yar, these are several religious sites significant to the Buddhist religion.

Eastern and Western Cultures in Urumqi (04:36)

Urumqi is the modern capital of Xinjiang and considers itself to be a booming metropolis. Several young men practice the French sport of parkour and describe its connections to Chinese Kung Fu.

Credits: Gobi (00:31)

Credits: Gobi

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A Uyghur family invites our guide into their home. He learns about their way of life and growing techniques. Gaochang used to be an important waypoint through the Silk Road and a famous gathering place for scholars. Alfred visits the city of Turpan in the heart of the desert and the tunnels of its ingenious water-supply system. Afterwards, he comes upon Jiaohe Ruins—an ancient city hewn from the rock. He then makes friends with some young Uyghurs in a park in Urumqi, Mongols and Hans who are all keen practitioners of parkour.

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