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City of Osh (04:34)


The main inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan are Turkic, an ethnic and nomadic group that arrived in the region in the Middle Ages. The local bazaar dates back to the time of Marco Polo; the region's border is infamously difficult to cross for modern travelers.

Soviet Union Control (02:11)

The Russians and the British were locked in conflict over who was in control of this region of Central Asia, but eventually, the Russians took over. The region boasts an obvious Islamic presence and influence seen through its infrastructure and the way the women dress.

Nomads on the Steppe (09:12)

Villages in the remote areas of Kyrgyzstan were built by the Soviets and are populated by nomadic people. See a traditional tea and a meal served by several of the locals from their yurt on the Steppe.

Diverse Kyrgystan Culture (06:20)

A Chinese built highway leads travelers through Central Asia if they are following the modern Silk Road. Bishkek police officers sit outside their yurts and perform traditional Russian music.

Leaving Kyrgyzstan (02:36)

Tash Rabat is the final stop in Kyrgyzstan along the historical Silk Road; it is the ruins of an old stone fortress which was once a Christian church.

Credits: Kyrgyzstan (00:29)

Credits: Kyrgyzstan

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Osh is the first place Alfred visits in Kyrgyzstan. He saunters down the aisles of its bazaar, but soon realizes that the real Kyrgyzstan is to be found on the endless steppes and vast mountains, where you lose all notions of boundaries. Alfred learns about Kyrgyz identity from a girl student who tells him the tale of local legends at the foot of the "Throne of Solomon," the hill that overlooks the city. Then he sets off to find out more about the Kyrgyz—a people who define themselves by their free, nomadic lifestyle. A family from the Sayak tribe invites him to join them for a meal in their yurt.

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