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Modern Tachkent (03:55)


Tashkent, which cooperated with the Russians when they invaded the region, became the Soviet Union's fourth largest city and is the modern capital of Uzbekistan. The regime of Tashkent uses strict tactics to remove the followers of Islam from the region.

Euroasian Art (05:40)

One of Tashkent's most famous artists, a painter named Fistula Agmadeliath, tries to represent the multiculturalism of the region in his work. The city has a vibrant culinary scene and the local chefs are credited with creating fusion cuisine.

Traditional Tachkent Art (07:15)

The Fergana Valley was once the only crossing point between the Persian and Chinese Empires. Thriving ancient traditions of the valley are the traditional storytellers and puppeteers who perform at festivals and fairs.

Studying French Culture (03:15)

In the pottery workshops, a classroom full of elementary aged students is studying French language and literature. The pottery master started these classes when his students began showing an interest in French culture.

Silk Weaving (04:15)

In Marguilan, a silk-making shop still practices and teaches the traditional Chinese art of silk weaving to its merchants.

Credits: Tashkent (00:30)

Credits: Tashkent

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Uzbekistan: Tashkent

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Alfred is awestruck by the modernity of life in Tashkent, the capital of present-day Uzbekistan and a major central Asian city. There is an incredible mix of ethnic groups in this part of the world. Our guide visits a silk factory—a must for anyone retracing the Silk Road. Then he treads the age-old route through the mountains to his next destination: Kyrgyzstan, the land of the nomads

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