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Caravanserai in Samarkand (03:13)


Modern highways follow the traditional Silk Route, where several historically important fortresses can still be found. Manichaeism is the religion of good and evil which was once popular in the region.

Architecture of Samarkand (08:57)

The most important historical site along the Silk Road is the Russian influenced city of Samarkand. Leaders of the Turko-Mongol clan made this city the capital of their empire.

Traditions of Samarkand (07:33)

The Grand Bazaar of Samarkand has been part of the city since the golden age of the Silk Road; the local mix of cultures can be seen in the faces of vendors selling a variety of goods. Sogdians are depicted on a mural in a palace among the ruins of the city of Maricanda.

Craftspeople in Samarkand (04:22)

A small paper mill still operates on the outskirts of the city of Samarkand using the Chinese traditional papermaking methods. Gardens in the region are watered by glaciers and snowmelt from the Himalayas.

Credits: Samarkand (00:46)

Credits: Samarkand

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Uzbekistan: Samarkand

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Some used to say Samarkand—in central Uzbekistan—was at the center of the world. Alfred follows the ancient Royal Road to the city—associated with the great Turco-Mongol warrior Timur, who was also famed for his refinement and elegance. Alfred visits Timur's mausoleum and the imposing public square of Registan, journeying back in time with the help of a local historian. He then ventures outside the city to meet an art restorer and learn about the history of the caravans, the envoys and the Sogdians—a once important people who controlled trade on the Silk Road in ancient times.

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