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Ancient Cities of Uzbekistan (06:50)


The Karakum is the black sand desert that the caravans had to avoid on their journeys down the Silk Road before coming to the prosperous cities of Uzbekistan.

Traditional Religious Art (07:18)

Bukhara is an intellectual center of the Middle East where an encyclopedia was created entailing all of Eastern and Western religion. Traditional miniature illustrations are still created, each tells a true story from ancient times.

Knives of Uzbekistan (03:15)

At a local masonry, a traditional blacksmith works on internationally famous artisan knives. Several garments are seen in a shop along the old Silk Road, which represents the mix of cultures in the region.

Religious Minorities (03:47)

A synagogue dating back to the time of antiquity is an example of the cultural and religious tolerance of the region. A Rabbi discusses how many Jewish people live in the region and the history of their presence there.

Branches of the Islamic Religion (03:29)

The presenter visits the home of a major Sufi Muslim order call the Naqshbandi Dervishes Mystical Movement in the mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshband. A spiritual leader talks about how Sufi Muslim's different from other branches of Islam.

Credits: Bukhara (00:37)

Credits: Bukhara

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Uzbekistan: Bukhara

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Alfred arrives in Uzbekistan, at the heart of the ancient Silk Road. He discovers Bukhara the beautiful, dream city for numerous travelers. Home town of Avicenna, Bukhara remains the dreamland of many wayfarers through the ages. Our guide meets some of its artists and craftsmen. There are reminders of the Silk Road everywhere you look—woven into a fabric’s pattern, on talismans, and so on. The bazaar is the beating heart of the city—a bubbling melting-pot of cultures.

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