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Garden of Fin (02:02)


A train ride through the Great Salt Desert of Dasht-e Kavir to Kashan brings travelers to the rose gardens. Water gardens are considered a symbol of paradise in Persian culture. Techniques for creating water displays were brought to Andalusia, the farthest point of the Arab empire.

Ancient Iranian Religions (04:09)

Zoroastrianism in Iranian culture is a religion which is a mixture of Eastern and Western monotheistic religion. The followers of this faith found refugee by living in the desert, often on cliff faces.

Religious Practices (06:29)

Zoroastrian culture is linked to the Silk Road through their religious ceremonies which required luxury musk perfume extracted from deer living in the Himalayas. The presenter goes into the city and observes a religious ritual.

Ancient Architecture (04:29)

In Yazd, a popular ancient tradition is the use of wind catchers, which are basically chimneys used to ventilate the buildings and homes. A religious man talks about a fire priests has kept burning for fifteen hundred years.

Ancient Pottery Industry (02:12)

Meybod is a prosperous oasis in the Iranian desert nears Yazd, which boasts rich clay soil used to build the castle Narin Qal'eh.

Architecture of Iranian Royalty (04:49)

In Isfahan, Iran's national treasure Isfahan was legendary during the time of the Silk Road as a mythical city. The city was the former capital of the Safavid Empire.

Credits: Iran (00:52)

Credits: Iran

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Iran: Kashan, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd

Part of the Series : The Silk Road
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In the oasis of Kashan, in central Iran, Alfred marvels at the famous pleasure gardens of Fin that cemented the Persians’ renown. He then discovers Iranian Zoroastrianism in a “house of strength”, whose inhabitants hone both their spirit and their body. At the temple of Chak Chak, in the nearby mountains, he is introduced to Zoroastrianism, Persia's ancestral religion. In the sacred city of Yazd, in southern Iran, he visits a zurkhaneh, a "house of strength," where athletes engage in training sessions designed to strengthen the mind and the spirit as well as their muscles. Before leaving Iran, Alfred stops off in Isfahan, with its stunning architecture and refined lifestyle.

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