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Spice Route (04:17)


Tabriz was known as the capital of the East for many centuries due to its thriving business and trading industry located in its enormous, covered bazaar. Spices from southern Asia were one of the most popular items traded along the Silk Road, also known as the Spice Route.

Iranian Trading Culture (05:23)

A preservationist is working to restore the entirety of the famous Tabriz Bizarre. He describes the historical importance of the marketplace and some of the most challenging areas of the bizarre to restore.

Armenian Culture in Tabriz (09:08)

Mongol hoards plundered and destroyed much of the wealthy city of Tabriz before they conquered and took it over in 1229. The city has a rich history of diversity; today, the predominate ethnic group is Azeri who follow Islamic law when outside their own establishments. The Blue Mosque of Tabriz is famous for its mosaics.

Turkish Caravanserais (03:39)

Outside the city, an irrigation system creates a lush oasis amid the arid landscape of the Iranian desert. The traders traveling along the Silk Road built large palaces where they would store their goods.

Mausoleum in Soltanieh (01:58)

The small town of Soltanieh lies far out on the Steppe and was once the capital of the Mongols in the Middle East for its lush, green grasses. The massive edifice in the small town is one of the largest double-shelled domes in the world and is now designated as a World Heritage Site.

Credits: Iran (00:45)

Credits: Iran

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Iran: Tabriz, Capital of Merchants

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Alfred discovers the north of Iran; enter the city that once was the core of the entire Silk Road in Persia: Tabriz. He heads into the bazaar, the finest in the country, and wanders through its 36km of alleyways and stalls. Our guide meets Dr Faribouz Esmaeli at the heart of this architectural gem—he was in charge of its restoration. Tabriz is also the center of the ancient Armenian community in Iran. After visiting St Mary’s Church, he sits down to share a meal with archeologist Karen Sarkisian and schoolteacher Narineh Sayadian to discuss Armenians’ place in the Iranian society.

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