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Preserving Cappadocia (03:04)


Cappadocia was an essential stop for traders due to its strategic location along the caravan route linking the Mediterranean to the East.

Traditional Cappadocian Art (07:17)

The unique geology of the area has been used by locals to create cave dwellings, housing some of the world's oldest churches, now preserved by the Friends of Cappadocia. The overseer of these churches is also a traditional rug weaver and shares about his weaving techniques with the presenter.

Religious Studies (04:11)

Ancestors of the nomads can be found in the Alevi Bektashi Order and represent 15% of the Turkish population and were a religious sect of the Ottoman Empire. This sect and its progressive beliefs have been a dominant force in Turkish society.

Traditional Instruments (04:51)

The Armenian city of Kars still holds remnants of the Kurdish culture, which was cultivated by the Silk Road. A man in the town of Kars still handcrafts many of the instruments once traded along the Silk Road.

Historical Understanding of Armenia (05:23)

The former kings of Armenian established their capital near the city of Kars in the town of Ani, which now lies on the Turkish side of the once-disputed border. A Turkish art historian talks about the history of Ani and how it is being preserved.

Credits: Turkey (00:33)

Credits: Turkey

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Turkey: Anatolia, the Caravans of Asia Minor

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At the heart of the Anatolian plateau, our guide visits the first of the caravanserais that dot his journey, as they once dotted the ancient trade routes. The caravanserai at Aksaray is a perfect example of architecture of the Seljuq dynasty, the first empire in the region starting in the 10th century. Then the history and arts specialist Ahmet Diler accompanies Alfred on a visit to the legendary region of Cappadocia, with its “fairy chimneys,” troglodyte dwellings and churches with walls covered in lapis lazuli. By studying the motifs in the famous kilim rugs, Ahmet and Alfred reveal the identity and history of the peoples of Cappadocia, who played a major role on the Silk Road.

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