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Ottoman Architecture (03:27)


Many people wonder whether the border between Europe and the Middle East should be drawn in Venice or Edirne, which was founded by Roman Emperor Hadrian as Adrianople. A large Islamic mosque called the Grand Mosque of Edirne, a stronghold of Islam in Europe.

Turkish Traditions (08:42)

Thracian Turkish wrestlers gather to fight one another in celebration of their traditions. A traditional wrestling coach and follower of Islam, discusses the religious and cultural importance of the sporting event.

Istanbul Culture and History (04:13)

Istanbul epitomizes the joining of European and Middle Eastern cultures as well as Christianity and Islam; millions of Syrian civilians were forced into exile in Turkey following their civil war in 2011. The city has a rich history of conflict and innovation.

Traditional Theater in Bursa (08:01)

The large industrial city of Bursa was once the capital of the burgeoning Ottoman Empire and held a monopoly over silk fabrics they would trade with the Europeans. Traditional Karagöz, shadow puppet theater is still performed in the city. The modern Republic of Turkey is both secular and Islamic.

Credits: Turkey (00:38)

Credits: Turkey

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Turkey: Bosphorus

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At the edge of the European continent, our guide enters Turkish territory through the city of Edirne. He discovers Ottoman architectural wonders and the traditional local variant of wrestling, in which men are doused in olive oil before bouts. After a stop in Istanbul, the ultimate symbol of the Silk Road, Alfred discovers the city that was once the Ottoman capital, Bursa, and gains an insight into Anatolian culture.

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