Titles in this Series

Italy: Venice

Item #: 161019

Turkey: Bosphorus

Item #: 161020

Turkey: Anatolia, the Caravans of Asia Minor

Item #: 161021

Iran: Tabriz, Capital of Merchants

Item #: 161022

Iran: Assassins, Emperors and Magi

Item #: 161023

Iran: Kashan, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd

Item #: 161024

Uzbekistan: Bukhara

Item #: 161025

Uzbekistan: Samarkand

Item #: 161026

Uzbekistan: Tashkent

Item #: 161027


Item #: 161028

China: Kashgar

Item #: 161029

China: Gobi

Item #: 161030

China: Dunhuang

Item #: 161031

China: Lanzhou

Item #: 161032

China: Xi'An

Item #: 161033

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Discover the mythical network of trade routes that for centuries linked the Far East to the West with Alfred de Montesquieu. Follow in the footsteps of illustrious predecessors, from Alexander the Great to Marco Polo. A war correspondent for the Associated Press news agency and a journalist for Paris Match – for which he has covered most of the Arab Spring revolutions – will be our knowledge broker. With him, take an extended trip through six countries and cultures. Journey through time, encountering specialists, historians, or just everyday people with a passion who will help you grasp the past and present identities of those countries. From Bursa in Turkey to Xi’an in China, Alfred guides and accompanies you in this fresh and original way to discover history.

Length: 390 minutes

Item#: FMK161018

ISBN: 978-1-64481-056-9

Copyright date: ©2017

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