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Embracing Modernity? (03:25)


New Delhi is rapidly developing to become an affluent city on an international scale. Development of cities began with British colonization; Gandhi saw it as a symbol of violent imperialism. When Jawaharlal Nehru took power, he renewed the development of cities, and modernized agriculture.

Photographer: Saibal Das (06:29)

Das explains how his father taught him the techniques and art of photography, using the notebooks of Satyajit Ray. He photographs the poor neighborhood Chitpur, discussing the culture and history of the area. He argues that the people are unaffected by globalization, and happy.

Photographer: Sameer Tawde (05:46)

Tawde grew up in Mumbai. He photographs models of gods which are used in festivals. He photographs people walking into a large model of the snake demon as a metaphor fornurban development.

New Delhi, India (03:58)

The city created more separation from rural life, embracing a Western urban model. Natural areas and ghats for spiritual ablution have been replaced with development. Ravi Agarwal explains the cultural significance of the Yamuna River.

Environmental Concerns of Growth (04:02)

As an environmental activist and photographer, Agarwal sees how the development of New Delhi is destroying wildlife diversity and natural areas. As India develops based on a Western model, people are not happier, and the country approaches environmental disaster.

Credits: Becoming Modern (00:30)

Credits: Becoming Modern

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Becoming Modern

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Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi: Building cities to introduce modernity to the country was one of the wishes of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. All hailing from these metropolises that are emblematic of growth in India, the photographers Sameer Tawde, Saibal Das, and Ravi Agarwal guide us on a journey from the historical city centers to the distant suburbs. The film explores the sprawling world-city of Mumbai; the vestige of British rule that is Kolkata; and the city-within-a-city, New Delhi, which has swallowed up ancient Delhi. New Delhi illustrates the brutal rupture between the urban environment and nature, especially the great sacred rivers, places of worship for Hindus.

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