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Scuba and Movie Cameras (09:28)


Jacque Cousteau was the famous inventor of the scuba device known as the defibrillator, which went on the change the world of scientific research. A panel of scientists, researchers, journalists, historians, and other experts discuss how they composed the list of the greatest inventions of all time.

Elevators and Robots (08:19)

Inventions like nylon, rivets, barbed wire, solar panels, and robotics all played an important role in the development of American culture and global technology. John Dunlop is credited with inventing the pneumatic tire which is still used on vehicles today.

Lighthouses and the Saw (10:49)

Many people throughout history have referred to bicycle as the perfect invention. The creation of the paddle, microwave oven, the phonograph, and the saw all played integral roles in how human civilization migrated and developed.

Digital Cameras and Software (07:39)

The recent invention of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows medical professionals to diagnose and treat complex illnesses. Simple inventions like the stirrup, the hammer, bellows, and oil lamps changed society.

Nuclear Power and Plastic (09:08)

Nuclear power, while dangerous, powers the globe and reduces the carbon footprint of the world. Other powerful inventions include lasers, the x-ray, plastic, rockets, the still camera, and the jet engine.

Mechanical Clocks and Birth Control (09:58)

The invention of the keel, found on the bow of a boat, made possible the Age of Exploration by creating better nautical steering. Other inventions that had great impact include the cell phone, electric motors, eyeglasses, the airplane, and dynamite.

Telephones and the Microscope (09:07)

The microprocessor revolutionized the invention of the computer and allowed it to be compressed into a smaller machine. Other devices used every day by people worldwide are the refrigerator, telescopes, microscopes, and anesthesia.

Telegraph and the Computer (11:50)

Concrete is one of the most important material inventions used in modern construction today. The telegraph was the first invention that allowed people around the globe to deliver messages directly to one another in real time, revolutionizing human communication.

Steam Engines and the Wheel (06:27)

The twentieth century's most important invention was the transistor, which is now used as the basic component in almost every electronic device. The most important invention in history, determined by the experts, is the wheel.

Credits: 101 Inventions That Changed the World (00:21)

Credits: 101 Inventions That Changed the World

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