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Field of Proteomics (04:41)


The Human Genome Project has led to a greater understanding of proteomics. Biologists are able to study thousands of proteins and better understand how they affect cell development.

Rational Drug Design (04:36)

Using proteomics, researchers can design drugs to target the shape and function of a certain protein. Researchers at a drug discovery company are working on a drug related to insulin production. The proteins are crystallized to better study their structure.

Diagnosing Diseases (05:16)

Researchers are using proteomics to detect ovarian cancer by looking at protein patterns in a person's blood. Researchers were able to determine that someone had ovarian cancer, regardless of its stage.

Systems Biology (05:03)

In systems biology, researchers study an entire system instead of a single protein. Researchers develop predictive models to understand how a system will react in different situations.

Protein Interactions (06:53)

Understanding proteins interactions is necessary for researchers to understand how a cell functions. Proteins have evolved along with organisms and new interactions have developed.

Credits: Proteins and Proteomics (01:12)

Credits: Proteins and Proteomics

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Proteins and Proteomics

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Researchers know it is the proteins made by a cell that determine what that cell does. This session explores the varying complements of proteins and their effects, structures, and interactions within the mechanism of cell function, and introduces the larger picture of proteomics and systems biology.

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