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Existential Anxiety (04:22)


Dr. Rollo May's study of single mothers found those with parents who lied about rejecting them suffered greater anxiety. He believes anxiety originates from being unable to orient one’s self in the world. He discusses how non-being symbolizes existential anxiety.

Terminal Patients (02:03)

May explains how facing death can empower us to live life to the fullest.

Denial (02:50)

May shares his experience with existential anxiety during his struggle with tuberculosis. He recommends avoiding neurotic anxiety but not denying death.

Preventive Health (03:37)

May discusses why public health campaigns targeting groups at risk for cancer and heart disease are often ineffective. People do not want to be told not to engage in unhealthy behavior.

Focusing on Depression (04:34)

May reflects on the shift from anxiety to depression as an epidemic. Depression develops when we cannot face anxiety, and can lead to schizophrenia. He hopes American culture will avoid apathy and hopes for a new renaissance.

"Love and Will" (04:34)

May outlines his thesis that intimacy has been misinterpreted as sex. He relates will to decision making through intentionality and discusses psychological and moral courage.

Vitality (02:12)

Vitality decreases with depression and apathy. Courage and hope produce vitality and energy. Something new may be born from a dying society.

Responsibility (03:09)

May explains how the term is used in psychotherapy to empower patients to participate in the therapeutic process. Knowing about the patient's past helps him or her to take more effective responsibility.

Credits: Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans: Anxiety, Love, Will, Dying (00:41)

Credits: Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans: Anxiety, Love, Will, Dying

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Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans: Anxiety, Love, Will, Dying

Part of the Series : Notable Contributors to the Psychology of Personality
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In this video discussion, psychologist Rollo May discusses anxiety, love, will, and dying, considering existential anxiety and depression.

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