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Reactions and Reflections: Introduction (01:29)


Ronald D. Laing is a prominent psychologist who criticizes social constructs. His books and research profoundly affect the philosophical perspectives of a generation of psychology students.

Mental Hospitals (08:09)

Laing discusses spending time in a mental hospital to understand institutionalized experiences. He believes "assaults" on a patient's chemical system is invasive and often unnecessary. Patients should have access to a professional they deem safe.

Understanding Psychoanalysis (05:13)

Laing discusses his involvement with the psychoanalytic movement during his early career. He continues to draw on studies of psychoanalytic theory.

Inherited Symbols (06:04)

Laing considers Carl Jung's theory of archetypes within his research and writing on the collective unconscious. Jungian theory is a mixture of scientific and psychological ideas.

Laing Psychological Contributions (07:34)

Laing hopes his most significant contributions to the field of psychology will occur in future works. He considers criticisms of his work and what he will study in the future.

Credits: Reactions and Reflections (00:50)

Credits: Reactions and Reflections

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R. D. Laing's Discussion With Richard Evans: Reactions and Reflections

Part of the Series : Notable Contributors to the Psychology of Personality
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R. D. Laing offers his reactions and reflections on therapeutic communities; Freud and Jung; his most significant contributions; his critics; and his plans.

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