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Carl Jung's Inspiration (04:18)


Dr. Carl Jung talks about the relationship he had with Dr. Sigmund Freud and how he came to be associated with some of his psychological ideas. Freud's work inspired Jung's including his first book on dementia.

Creating Individual Reality (04:09)

When Jung first began his study of Freud's work, he was prejudice against the idea of libido, what Freud thought was a broad psychic sexual energy, but he came to agree with Freud later in his career. In other cultures, Jung saw the sexual drive Freud examined was not universal to humanity; his studies of Friedrich Nietzsche inspired this idea.

Sexually Repression (03:07)

At the end of the Victorian Age, there was a global reaction against traditional taboos within society, including sexuality, where Freud gathered his ideas. Jung explains that most people in modern society have sexual complexes due to their lack of worry about meeting their base needs.

Unconscious Mind (05:51)

Jung explains what Freud's version of the unconscious was and how he defined it; Freud found and Jung later proved, that people would react or say things without knowing they had. This is where the "Freudian slip" originated. Freud believed unconsciousness was pushed down by the consciousness, but Jung believed unconscious could exist without repression.

Emotional Mind (03:09)

Freud believed humans were born as victims to their total unconscious, animalistic nature he referred to as the id; Jung says no one knows where instincts originated. Jung explains how sometimes the unconscious mind and the conscious mind do not function properly due to emotional blocks.

Jung and the Ego (03:23)

Jung describes what Freud believed and theorized about the development of the human ego; this is the first phase of identity forming and occurs during early childhood. Jung makes clear the ego is never finished but is a continually building process.

Archetypal Behavior (03:09)

The first archetype that Freud discovered, and the only one, according to Jung, was the Oedipus complex. Jung explains one of the most common archetypes is when someone believes they are in love at first sight.

Credits: Jung Speaks of Freud (00:31)

Credits: Jung Speaks of Freud

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In this video interview with Richard Evans, Carl Jung talks about his early acquaintance with Freud and why he broke from some of Freud's theories to form his own school of thought. He explains how he came to the conclusion that Freud's theories on the ego, id, and oedipal complex were too limited.

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