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Dr. Erich Fromm: Part 2: Introduction (01:15)


Dr. Erich Fromm is known for further developing the studies of psychologist Sigmund Freud by putting them into a more complex social and cultural perspective. His work has been studied by researchers from all sectors of the behavioral sciences and the humanities.

Transference Phenomenon (07:23)

Fromm begins by defining and describing transference psychoanalysis and how often it occurs in therapy and other facets of a patient's life. Fromm is given a chance to respond to the critics of his idea and theory of transference.

Conducting Therapy Sessions (07:32)

Fromm is asked about the theories of Carl Rogers around client-centered therapy and nondirective therapy. Fromm believes the opposite of Rogers' therapeutic approach. He discusses his philosophy for interacting with his patients in therapy.

Aims of Psychoanalysis (05:38)

Fromm believes the current goal of psychoanalysis is to understand the subconscious workings of the patient. Freud and Fromm agree that human behavior is fundamentally based on how an individual was raised. Fromm says people can change their circumstances, but must be fiercely motivated.

Functions of Therapy (10:32)

To make clear to his patients that they must demonstrate self-responsibility in therapy, Fromm challenges his patients by telling them they are much too comfortable to generate actual self-improvement. Fromm shares his opinion on the methods of dream interpretation of Carl Jung and Freud.

Jungian Theories (07:08)

Fromm describes the Jungian theory of archetypes and shares his opinion. He then launches into the topic of dream theory, giving a real-life example of a conversation he had with a patient about a dream.

Developing a Self-Image (04:38)

Fromm comments on his theory of self-love, which he demonstrated in his recent book "The Art of Loving" and how it is realized in therapy. Fromm explains the productive orientation is mainly the capacity of a person to care for others, use reason, and be authentic.

Methods of Psychotherapy (07:10)

Fromm believes the use of tranquilizers, aside from the treatment of depression, can be beneficial for therapy patients. Fromm talks about his opinions on the popular group therapy methods of his day. Fromm maps out the next projects he will produce including a book on humanism.

Credits: Dr. Erich Fromm (01:12)

Credits: Dr. Erich Fromm

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In this interview, Dr. Erich Fromm talks about psychotherapy and theory and techniques, as well as general philosophical-theoretical conceptions.

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