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Ecosystems and Biomes

Item #: 155239

Seeds and Plants

Item #: 155240


Item #: 155241

Rocks and Minerals

Item #: 155242


Item #: 155243


Item #: 155244

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Earth Science Fundamentals Series

The Series Includes : Ecosystems and Biomes | Seeds and Plants | Weather | Rocks and Minerals | Habitats | Matter
3-Year Streaming Price: $599.70



The Science Fundamentals programs are designed to make science relevant in a child's everyday life. Peer hosts introduce concrete, live-action situations to help teach scientific concepts and principles. Colorful graphics, animation, and detailed diagrams are used throughout the program to reinforce the learning process. These informative and fun-filled videos will enhance every elementary and middle school science curriculum.

Length: 90 minutes

Item#: FMK155238

Copyright date: ©2010

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