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First Law of Thermodynamics (10:46)


Hear definitions for heat, work, and internal energy. If heat is added to a system, its internal energy increases. Look at isovolumetric, isobaric and adiabatic processes. Determine the change in water's internal energy during an isobaric process.

Second Law of Thermodynamics (01:38)

Systems can undergo reversible and irreversible processes. All processes occurring in nature are irreversible. Heat flows naturally from a hot object to a colder one.

Heat Engines (05:43)

Heat engines convert heat energy to electrical or mechanical energy; in other words, heat energy to work. Learn about hot and cold reservoirs and how to evaluate engine efficiency. Determine engine efficiency and work done in sample problems.

Entropy (04:13)

Entropy is the measure of disorder of a system. Natural processes tend to move toward a state of greater entropy. Determine the change in entropy when solid lead melts.

Thermodynamics Review (00:54)

Review the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, including heat engines.

Credits: Termodinámica (01:37)

Credits: Termodinámica

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Thermodynamics city! The Standard Deviants start with the first law of thermodynamics. Then, naturally, the second law of thermodynamics. Next, we'll look at heat engines, an application of the second law. The last topic we'll cover is entropy, the measure of disorder of a system. The study of thermodynamics (from the Greek for heat and power) involves the conversion of energy to useful forms of power. These concepts powered the Industrial Revolution! A lot of information is included in this video. Topics include the three laws of thermodynamics; heat engines; work processes such as isovolumetric, isobaric, and adiabatic; heat sources and sinks; and finally the concept of entropy—tricky at best.

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