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Energy Basics (05:33)


This video will cover energy basics, state functions, Hess's Law, and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, and Gibb's Free Eenergy. Energy is what moves particles around. Temperature is a measure of the energy of a substance. Learn the basics of heat and the types of energy.

State Functions and Hess's Law (00:22)

The state function—a change that has the same result no matter how it happens—is the foundation of thermodynamics. Learn how a state function corresponds to Hess's Law.

The First Law of Thermodynamics (07:22)

Energy can never be created or destroyed. This means the energy in the universe is constant and can only be moved around. Learn implications for chemical reactions and how they are measured.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics (03:08)

The entropy of the universe is always increasing. Energy tends to spread out instead of staying concentrated.

Gibbs Free Energy (04:46)

Some of the energy in chemical reactions contributes to changes in temperature. The energy available to cause a reaction is Gibbs Free Energy. This helps determine the balance between enthalpy and entropy.

Credits: Thermodynamics (00:16)

Credits: Thermodynamics

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It’s time to get energized and make things light up, heat up, power up, and break up. This program will melt away the complexity of thermodynamicsc and the functions and laws behind it. Heat up your class and make things happen, just like the energy found in this video. Topics include: Energy Basics, State Functions and Hess’s Law, The First Law of Thermodynamics, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, and Gibbs Free Energy.

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